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Booking Form & Contact Information

To ensure there is no miscommunication all bookings are taken via email ONLY please be patient all emails are answered in the order they are received you will receive a reply the same day or within 24 hours.

Bookings Process;

  1. Please copy and paste the booking form below into an email and we will send you a reply with available dates and times with a full quote
  2. Once you have confirmed this we will send a confirmation email with PDF documents for your Invoice, Invitations, Terms & Conditions and Risk Assessment
  3. Once you have paid your deposit (within 7 days) we will then email you 1 week prior to the event date to confirm the following details; Venue address/ contact number/ number of people attending/ arrival time etc.

Please copy and paste the information below into an email to info@kimmyszoo.co.uk;

Booking Name:

Invoice Name & Address:

Venue Address incl Postcode:

Is there parking available directly outside the venue/gazebo:

Please state the walking distance in seconds to the set up area:

Mobile Number (to contact on the day):

Preferred Dates & Times:

Event Type:

Package Name:

Number of People Attending and Age Range:

Childs Name & Age (if applicable):

Extras (see event extras page – i.e.certificates £1 pp):

Additional information (unsure on package/ venue etc:

Now to the best part please can you state animals you would like us to bring from our website www.kimmyszoo.co.uk/our-animals/ Please bear in mind that it is important to learn about a range of animals and cater for the whole group participating in the animal encounter once one or two children have held a snake they generally all want too and invertebrates are truly fascinating and create a really wild exciting atmosphere!!

Notice: Please put animals in order of importance

Bronze & Adult Party





Silver & Animal Planet



Gold and Deadly 60





Please provide 4 substitute animals in case we cannot bring some of your first choice animals due to unforeseen circumstances.





Please remember your animal choices are not guaranteed as stated in the terms and conditions and we cannot provide a confirmation of animals before the event although we will do our very best to ensure we bring the animals you have requested.