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Volunteers for Events


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Please fill in the form below to apply for a volunteer role with Kimmys. We are looking for a few volunteers to come out to events with us such as fun days and parties. We will text you the event dates over twice a month. You will not be required to hold all exotics. Kimmy will give you training on how to handle animals and show them to the public safely. We have employment liability and a risk assessment for animal handling.

To apply you should over 16 years old:

–       Have a genuine passion for animal care and be comfortable being around a range of exotic animals

–       Have good communication skills as much of the job is talking to members of the public including adults and children

–       Be able to meet us at our place of work in Ipswich IP2, at the event or live very close to us to be able to attend events

–       Be reliable, trustworthy and able to work unsupervised if required

People who are not comfortable handling the invertebrates will be required to help with taking money, handing out leaflets, talking to the public and helping with the reptiles and mammals.

Duties will include setting up the gazebos and static display, talking to the public, feeding and cleaning out the animals as required, handling animals during encounters, taking money & giving out leaflets at the front entrance.


Please email us for an application form info@kimmyszoo.co.uk 


We do not currently take on site work experience at present but will be able to do so in the near future.