Please choose your animals from the list below when we email you 1 week before your event.

Videos show briefly how animals are likely to be handled or touched by children. As we let all the children participate these handling methods ensure the animals welfare is not compromised and so they can have a fun time at your event too!!

Meet Our Animals – The Mammals – Click here to find out where they live?

Meerkats – Florence, Lola, Rio & Andre

Armadillo – Bam Bam

Striped Skunk – Fifi & Pepe

Sugar Gliders – Mowgli & Baloo

Chinchilla –  Princess Sophia & Stanley

Pygmy Hedgehog – Mrs Tiggywinkle & Mrs Pricklepants

      Duprasi – Sven NOT AVAILABLE


Raccoon – Romeo & Juliett 


Please do not book an event based on the raccoon attending your event, they are still young and lively and so will only be brought to selected events which will be decided on the day depending on their behavior and the type of event/ number of people. length of visit etc. We will not guarantee in advance for welfare reasons we hope you understand


Reptiles  & Amphibians

Tortoise – Crush (aka Houdini)

Bearded Dragon – Charlie

Chameleon – Mike the Knight

Crested Gecko – Pascal

Leopard Gecko – Nala

Royal Python – Shere Khan

Boa Constrictor – Anastasia

Australian Tree Frog – Shrek & Fiona


African Land Snail – Turbo

Giant Millipede – Rapunzel

Hissing Cockroach – Buzz & Woody

Leaf Insect – Kiara 

Green Stick Insect – NOT AVAILABLE

Indian Stick Insect – Sticky

Tarantula – Princess Jasmine


Leaf Mantis – Flik