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Animal Parties, FAQ, Packages and Prices

We  bring a selection of weird and wonderful exotic animals  to your party whether it be at home or in a venue. You even get to choose the Animals which include meerkats, skunks, snakes, lizards, bugs and tarantulas. Set up takes only 10-20 minutes depending on your package.  We get the children to sit around our fake grass mat with the birthday child sitting the closest to the presenter so they can meet all of the animals FIRST! After a short introduction and health and safety talk the journey into the wild begins!! Each animal is introduced to the children in a fun, educational way and then the children will be able to get up close and touch, stroke, hold and feed animals. At the end we ask each child what their favourite animal was providing lots of shocks and surprises for parents. Then its the very important hand washing time with lovely warm soapy water ready for party food snacks or home time. Please see our packages and prices and FAQ at the bottom of the page.

Important Notes:

  • Please put on your invitations for the children to arrive 10-15 minutes prior to the party
  • Please allow 5-10 minutes either side of the approximate times stated. Time will vary depending on the level of interaction the children with the animals, the behavior of the children and the number of children attending on the day.
  • If you have a flat or living area upstairs please specify upon booking.
  • If you would like to have the party at home you will need to be able to clear an area of 4 x 3 meters minimum.
  • Please see the animals page for information on restrictions of animals regarding age and home/venue size restrictions. This is for the safety of the children and the animals themselves. For homes and small venues which you think meet the criteria will require a photo via email to verify there is enough room for our runs/enclosures.
  • Parties are strictly indoors only due to the risk of escape, exposure to the elements and the need for heating and an electricity point (plug socket).
  • Party packages with games are for large homes or halls only as we need two separate areas/rooms (one for games and one for the animals). During the spring summer we can do games and crafts outside in the garden but the animals must have a safe place to stay indoors.
  • The welfare of our animals is paramount and are displayed in mini versions of their home enclosures/vivariums. We do not travel more than approx. 1 hour for parties from postcode IP2 and all animals are safely transported in our large van which has heating/ heat mats and air conditioning. We also tie down our animals with bungee cords and our specially adapted van allows us to watch the animals at all times during transport and are separated by a large shelf from our equipment underneath. You are able to view the enclosures our animals live in at home on our animals page. Any company you book should be happy to provide this publicly.
  • Fuel is an additional charge of 45p per mile from Ipswich and weekends are a minimum booking of £150.

Discovery Packages

  • Bronze Party

    4 Exotic Animals (Mon-Fri Only)

    (1 mammal, 2 reptiles & 1 invert)

    Up to 10 children £125 35 mins    Up to 15 children £145 45 mins

    Silver Party

    6 Exotic Animals 

    (2 mammals, 2 reptiles & 2 inverts)

    Up to 10 children £155 50 mins    Up to 15 children £175 60 mins

    Gold Party

    8 Exotic Animals 

    (3 mammals, 3 reptiles & 2 inverts)

    Up to 10 children £185  65 mins    Up to 15 children £205 75 mins 

  • Printable Party Invitations

Animal Planet

  •  Up to 10 children £230 90 mins

      Up to 15 children £260 100 mins

  • 6 Exotic Animals

    3 mammals, 2 reptiles & 1 Invertebrates


    Printable Party Invitations

    Animal Handler Certificates

    Animal themed party bag with 5 items 

    Birthday card from us


    Plus ONE of the following options (includes prizes):

    Animal Themed Party Games x 2 or 3

    Bush Tucker Trials (series of 4 games)

    Wild Animal Masks (crafts table)

    (See our FAQ below for games details)

Deadly 60 2 Hours

  •  Up to 10 children £295 120 mins

    Up to 15 children £350 140 mins 

  • 8 Exotic Animals

    4 mammals, 2/3 reptiles & 1/2 Invertebrates


    Printable Party Invitations

    Animal Handler Certificates

    Animal themed party bag with 10 items or 1 animal themed gift 

    Birthday Card and Present 


    Plus TWO of the following options(includes prizes):

    Animal Themed Party Games x 2 or 3

    Bush Tucker Trials (series of 4 games)

    Wild Animal Masks (crafts table)

    (See our FAQ below for games details)

*Fuel is charged at 45p per mile from Ipswich IP2 

Frequently Asked Questions

We are based in Ipswich, Suffolk and will travel up to approximately 60 minutes from our base depending on the package you have chosen.

Please email us with your enquiry via our bookings page to see if we cover your area.

We bring a variety of exotic animals to your home or venue. The children sit around a fake grass floor mat which we will bring. After a quick health and safety talk the animal encounter begins! We do not require chairs unless adults wish to sit down. If adults wish to join in they must sit down with the children.

Each animal is introduced with some fun facts then the children get to touch, stroke, hold or feed the animal with the birthday child going first of course!

After the encounter we give the children hand gel and ask each child what their favourite animal was (completing certificates if they are in your package). Children are then sent to wash hands.

The actual amount of handling and the presentation of the animals will vary by the age, number and behaviour of the children but generally we provide an educational fun encounter with facts about each animal and provide an opportunity for everyone to touch or hold each animal. Where time allows parents are welcomed and encouraged to join in with us.

Yes, your animal choices will be requested when we send your last email 1 week prior to your event date.

Please remember although children like the fluffy ones the reptiles and bugs are just as fascinating. A variety enables the children to grow up without phobias of these animals and respect them instead of fear them. Once one child has held something 90% of the group will also hold it after seeing it will not bring any harm, just a great new experience.

In most cases we are able to bring your chosen animals however we will make changes if we feel any animals are not suitable for the age group, they are unable to attend due to circumstances beyond our control or due to weather conditions. If we are doing 2 bookings on that day we may have to pick a selection between both your choices as we only have so many animal carriers and space in the van. Generally people pick similar animals anyhow and you will be required to pick 4 reserve animals should any of the circumstances above occur.

Venues are recommended to allow enough space for the animal enclosures and for the presentation in general. Some of the animals have restrictions on space requirements for their welfare. Please see the animals page for more information, we will request a picture to verify this. 

Please ensure the room/hall is heated (18-25 degrees) and is cleaned prior to the visit so there are no small objects, food or toxic plants on the floor.

We are not able to do animals outside due to the risk of escape, exposure to poisonous plants and as many of the mammals are nocturnal the sunlight can damage their eyes. Activities including games and crafts can be done outside weather permitting.


Our games will vary by age group but all of the games are animal themed and chosen by the birthday child on the day. Our most popular games include ‘Musical Lily Pads’ (like musical chairs), ‘Beastly Bumps’ (like musical bumps), ‘Animal Charades’ (children are split into two teams, 1 team wins), ‘Hot Critters’ (like hot potatoe), ‘Safari Hunt’ (outdoors only: Person to find the most hidden animals wins) and more. The package includes around two games which may vary depending on the games chosen and the number of children playing.

Bush tucker trials are a series of four games lasting approximately 30 minutes which include putting their hands into a box of bugs to retrieve stars, eating edible bugs, holding a creepy crawly and playing pass the snake race (not a real one of course). The children will work in two teams. The winning team all win a prize.

Our animal crafts table is the ultimate in crafts! We have glitter (optional), pom poms, feathers, sequins, colouring pens and more. Each child will transform and go home as an elephant, tiger, bear and more!

A single animal gift is one animal themed item instead of a party bag which may include; such as pom pom animals, animal felts, painting by numbers, foil art, activity book or a toy such as a soft toy, sand animals or something similar. Gift is chosen based on the age of the children and what is available at the time of the party.

The gift is perfect for parents who like to create their own party bags or prefer the children to have a present to take home.

An animal party bag contains various animal themed items based on the age group please see the event extras page for photos of an idea of the party bag contents. You are not able choose the contents as they change frequently but we only use high quality products and base them on the children ages. Children under the age of 3 are only able to have the single gift option for health and safety reasons.

Arrival Time

We will arrive 10-20 minutes prior to set up and bring the animals in. Try and get children to arrive 15 minutes prior to the start time so everyone has arrived to start promptly.

Eating Time

We recommend feeding the children before the party especially for after school parties. If this is not possible and the children are likely to be hungry please get them to arrive 15-30 minutes early to have a snack and drink before we start.

Party Itinerary 

Below are approximate schedules for our party packages. They may be amended to suit parents individual requirements.


5 minutes – Safety Introduction

Animal Encounter

5 minutes – Hand washing and debrief


Animal Planet (1 hour 30 minutes) – Children to arrive at 15 minutes prior to start time

50 minutes – Safety introduction and animal encounter then hand washing

20 minutes – Fill out certificates, play party games or bush tucker trials

10 minutes –  Debrief and hand out certificates & party bags (Party bags and certificates are given to the parent to hand out at the end of the party if they are having food after the animals)


Deadly 60 (2 hours)

20 minutes – Animal masks crafts table competition (this allows time for children who may be late to arrive and for glue to dry before the end of the party)

60 minutes – Safety introduction and animal encounter then hand washing

30 minutes – Party games or bush tucker trials (A 15 minute break for food and cake can be included in this time slot as we fill out certificates whilst the children are eating then play a game)

10 minutes –  Debrief and hand out certificates, party bags, prize for the winner of the mask competition and hand out birthday present and card (Party bags and certificates are given to the parent to hand out at the end of the party if they are having food after the animals)

We have a 15 child maximum limit per show to ensure the safety and welfare of our animals and everyone involved in the encounter.

What if i want to invite more children? If you have more than 15 children you have two options; 1) Invite the rest of the children/class to arrive after the encounter has finished with your child’s closest friends/family where they can join in with food, games and other activities you have planned. 2)  You can split the larger group into two sessions so whilst one group eats the other half can do the animals and then swap over. You will need a separate room from the other group of children for us for this option so the animals are not surrounded by children and lots of noise. Example based on 20 children;

  1. 2 groups of 10 children in 2 x 30 minute sessions with 4 animals per group or 2 x 45 minute sessions with 6 animals per group. Please email us for a quote and more information.

Parties are for age 4 and up we understand some children may be coming up to their 4th birthday which is fine. Any children/siblings under 4 will not be allowed to hold any animals but may be able to touch some under the supervision and with permission of a parent or guardian. Under 4’s must have constant supervision at all times and are not allowed to walk around during the show everyone must be seated!

Immuno-compromised children and adults are not aloud to touch any animals. Pregnant women must not touch reptiles.

Please send us an email via the contact page with your enquiry with the details we have specified. We  recommend you book 2 months in advance for weekend bookings and 1 month in advance for weekday bookings.

If you have passed the time limit please still contact us and we will try our best to find you a suitable time slot for your desired date.

We require a 50% deposit up to the value of £100 to secure your booking date and time within 7 days of receiving your confirmation email

Please pay via Bacs (online direct bank transfer) to our account. If this is unavailable to you we will take a cheque or cash as a deposit payment. All details for payment via Bacs and cheque are provided on the bottom of your invoice.

Your outstanding balance is due when you receive your last email from us 1 week prior to your event. Payment can be taken in the same form as above however a cheque will not be accepted unless you are an organisation. If Bacs is unavailable you must pay in cash when we arrive at the event.