Party and Event Extras 

Party event extras and goody bags can be added on at any time up until the date of your booking.

certificate africa


Animal Handling Certificate

£1.00 each

Great addition to the party to congratulate everyone on completing the fun, exciting animal encounter and take home something they can remember the experience for forever. Great keep sake.

Add on to discovery parties. Included with Animal Planet parties and Deadly 60 parties.


Ultimate Crafts table

£2.00 per child

Includes 1 animal mask per child to decorate using the crafts table.

Provides an additional activity for children who are not to keen on touching the animals or just a great item they can design, wear and take home.

Table includes: Glitter, pom poms, coloured matchsticks & lolly sticks, feathers, sequins, gems, string, ribbon, googly eyes, glitter glue, glue, animal print card, jaggered scissors, tissue paper, foam shapes, foil, pipe cleaners and felt tips.

Add on to discovery parties, 10% off with Animal Planet parties and Included with Deadly 60 parties.


Pass The Parcel (now animal) Age 3+ 

£1.00 per child

Contents will include a lucky dip pick and mix of goodies for every child. Instead of wasting paper we now pass around a toy animal. When the music stops the child with the toy picks a lucky dip bag. The last child to hold the toy also gets to keep it at the end for being so patient!

With the animal games options we can incorporate this into one of the games slots for you or we can leave it with you to do when we leave.

Add on to discovery parties, 10% off with Animal Planet parties or 20% off with Deadly 60 parties!

The contents and colour of items will vary upon stock levels and the age and gender of the children.

Party Bag Range


Discovery Party Bag  £1.75

Mini Party Bags include 4 items Example:

  • Colouring book
  • Colouring pens
  • Sweets
  • Animal tattoo

Animal Planet Party Bag £2.45

Mini party bags include 8 items Example:

  • 22 page Zoo Activity book
  • Animal Pencil with Rubber
  • Sweets
  • Temporary tattoo insect/ jungle
  • Animal Maze
  • Touchable bubbles/ bouncy ball
  • Jungle puzzle/ magic slate
  • Animal stickers

Deadly 60 Party Bag £3.25

Deadly 60 party bags include 12 items Example:

  • Jungle stickers
  • Balloon/ Bouncy ball
  • 22 page Zoo activity book
  • Animal pencil with rubber
  • Temporary tattoo insect/jungle
  • Magic slate/ Jungle Puzzle
  • Sticky wall crawler/ sticky snake
  • Animal maze/ pin ball
  • Snakes and ladders game
  • Touchable bubbles
  • Deadly 60 card
  • Safari wrist band
  • Two types of sweets

Add on to Discovery parties or add on as goody bags for fetes,  fundays, schools and clubs.

The contents and colour of items will vary upon stock levels and be suited to the age and gender of the children.