Fun Days FAQ, Packages & Prices

Important Notes:

  • Events are indoors all year round and outdoors between May- mid September Only when the temperature is around 18-25 degrees. You must provide a suitable gazebo for outdoor events with electricity access (300w max, we have a 10m extension lead if needed). We always recommend you to reserve a back-up indoor area where possible.
  • The gazebo is best in a shaded area and must have a back and two sides only, the front (widest side) must be left open and please ensure the gazebo is placed so the sun will not shine directly into the gazebo at any time during the time of our visit as we may have to remove animals off display if this occurs for safety reasons/ overheating. It is best to have the back or sides of the gazebo facing the sun so the gazebo will provide shade at the front for the public and animals during animal shows. Alternatively you can put another separate gazebo 6 x 3 meters out the front for shows during peak weather to protect the public. 
  • We must be within a 20 second walking distance or parked directly behind/ next to our gazebo for safety reasons. Failure to declare this can result in cancellation on arrival.
  • It is recommended to also put us near hand washing facilities yet we do provide hand gel. 
  • Our Roadshows are a fun, factual, interactive show with 4 animals per show. 
  • For Free Entry Roadshows approximately 5-10 children/adults are chosen per show to come up and interact with each animal depending on the number of animals and the length of the booking. We recommend doing these outdoors to prevent overcrowding or in a very large hall if this is not available to you. 
  • For Charge Entry Roadshows; 20 children per show and every child is guaranteed to interact with 1 animal you can charge entry. You can charge per child either on the door or sell time slots prior to the day or on the day with a sign up form, coloured raffle tickets or different coloured stamps etc. It is best closed to the general public during show time so these work best in a large hall.  
  • Viewing is available outside of show times but may be limited depending on the size of the room. 


Fun Day Animal Planet

  • £250 (2 hours) + £90 per hour
  • Minimum 2 shows (2 hours) Maximum 6 shows
  • 6 Animals (2 Mammals, 2 Reptiles, 2 Invertebrates)
  • 20 minutes show per hour with 3 animals (alternate animals between shows)
  • Jungle Display
  • Gazebo approx 3x6m / Indoors approx 3-4 times gazebo size

Fun Day Deadly 60

  • £310 (2 hours) + £110 per hour
  • Minimum 2 shows (2 hours) Maximum 6 shows
  • 8 Animals (3 Mammals, 3 Reptiles, 2 Invertebrates)
  • 30 minutes show per hour with 4 animals (alternate animals between shows)
  • Jungle Display
  • Gazebo approx 6x6m or 4x9m / Indoors approx 3-4 times gazebo size

Recent Clients

Our Mobile Zoo is hired for displays and entertainment by festivals, corporate fun days, family fun days, shopping centres, schools and many more. Here are some of the organisations and companies we have worked with.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are based in Ipswich, Suffolk and will travel up to approximately 1h 30mins from our base for full day bookings.

Please email us with your enquiry via our bookings page to see if we cover your area.

We bring a variety of exotic animals to your venue or event.

Kimmy will arrive about 30 – 60 minutes prior to the start time to set up depending on the package you have chosen.

We bring a jungle themed display with open pens and cages for full viewing. We also display information cards to show what each animal is and some fun facts about it.

The animals will come out at show time which will be displayed on our chalk board and we can also agree these prior to the day FYI/ Program.

Everyone will gather round our large faux grass mats and then we will get the animals out one at a time and talk about some fun facts like where they live and what amazing behaviours and adaptations they have. We will then choose 5-15 people per animal (usually 8) to come up and meet the animal which depends on the animal we have out at the time. This is the same for PPE groups but in these groups each child will get to interact with 1 animal or more guaranteed.

Yes, school fetes usually charge £1 – £1.50 per child the less entertainment there is the more people will pay to enter.

You can either charge on the door of the petting zoo, sell tickets in advance or sell tickets via a signup form. Please do not exceed 25 children per show.

Yes, your animal choices will be requested when we send your last email 1 week prior to your event date

Please remember although children like the fluffy ones the reptiles and bugs are just as fascinating. A variety enables the children to grow up without phobias of these animals and respect them instead of fear them.

In most cases we are able to bring your chosen animals however we will make changes if we feel any animals are not suitable for the age group length of the visit, they are unable to attend due to circumstances beyond our control or due to weather conditions.

We can only do outdoor displays between May-Sep providing the temperature is between 18-25 degrees ONLY. We will also need a suitable shaded area or gazebo and you must be able to provide an indoor area should the weather not be suitable on the day due to the specific needs of the animals.

For full day outdoor events access to a generator or electricity point is preferred.


Yes we will ask people to wait during viewing times if it becomes to busy for the venue size provided.

Please send us an email via the contact page with your enquiry with the details we have specified. We  recommend you book 2 months in advance for weekend bookings and 1 month in advance for weekday bookings.

If you have passed the time limit please still contact us and we will try our best to find you a suitable time slot for your desired date.

We require a 50% deposit up to the value of £100 to secure your booking date and time within 7 days of receiving your confirmation email

Please pay via Bacs (online direct bank transfer) to our account. If this is unavailable to you we will take a cheque or cash as a deposit payment. All details for payment via Bacs and cheque are provided on the bottom of your invoice.

Your outstanding balance is due when you receive your last email from us 1 week prior to your event. Payment can be taken in the same form as above however a cheque will not be accepted unless you are an organisation. If Bacs is unavailable you must pay in cash when we arrive at the event.