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Animal Experience Vouchers

Meerkat Experience  – 2 people

Our meerkat experience is for a maximum of 2 participants at one time. The meerkat social system is very similar to ours they do no appreciate being touched by lots of people they do not know or trust. This experience will allow the meerkats to build trust with you and accept you into their meerkat MOB through activities such as feeding them and playing with them before they reward you with meerkat cuddles. A great privilege as you become a trusted meerkat member they will even remember you for up to 2 years after the visit! They love ears, tissue boxes and tickles. This experience is great enrichment for them and is very different too a zoo experience as our meerkats enjoy human contact.

30 Minutes for 2 people £100

Amazing Animals Voucher – 2 people

Meet AMAZING ANIMALS in the comfort of your own home. This is for age 13+  due to the experience being more hands on. This makes a perfect birthday gift or Christmas gift for an animal lover.

2 animals 30 minutes £100 or 4 animals 60 minutes £160

Important Notes

  • Age 13 and above ONLY. No under 13’s or other pets are allowed in the same room as the experience.
  • Indoor experiences only in a safe enclosed living room or conservatory heated to 18 – 23 degrees.
  • Activities may include cuddling, playing with cat toys, feeding them, watching them explore your living room and learning about them depending on the animals chosen.
  • Please ensure you clean under tables and sofas etc to remove any food particles and clear the floor as much as possible this is for their safety, to prevent them getting too distracted and so they do not break ornaments  or go near plants that may be toxic.
  • We can send a Personalised Printable Gift Voucher which will be sent with your confirmation email upon request.
  • Fuel is charged @45p per mile and we cover a 1 hour radius of Ipswich IP2