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    We  bring a selection of weird and wonderful exotic animals  to your school and you even get to choose the Animals which include meerkats, skunks, snakes, lizards, bugs and tarantulas. Set up takes only 10-20 minutes depending on your package.  We get the children to sit around our fake grass mat and teachers are able to join in or sit on chairs. After a short introduction and health and safety talk the journey into the wild begins!! Each animal is introduced to the children in a fun, educational way and then the children will be able to get up close and touch, stroke, hold and feed animals. At the end we ask each child what their favourite animal was providing lots of shocks and surprises for teachers. Then its the very important hand washing time with lovely warm soapy water ready for break, lunch or home time. Please see our packages and prices and FAQ at the bottom of the page.

Important notes:

  • Established in 2011 we are DSB checked, have 10 million liability insurance, have a sign written vehicle and uniform for identification.
  • We cater for schools, clubs and colleges and a range of topics including; Minibeasts, Africa, Rainforests, Habitats and Classification.
  • Please allow 5-10 minutes either side of the approximate times stated. Time will vary depending on the level of interaction of the children with the animals, the behavior of the children and the number of children participating.
  • Please see the animals page for information on restrictions of animals regarding age and home/venue size restrictions. This is for the safety of the children and the animals themselves.
  • Visits are strictly indoors only due to the risk of escape, exposure to the elements and the need for heating and an electricity point (plug socket).
  • Please remember our animals are very heavy and for safety reasons we cannot walk far with them. Please consider a classroom/hall easily accessible within a 30 second walking distance. We also have to do several trips and will need a staff member to hold doors etc.
  • The welfare of our animals is paramount and are displayed in mini versions of their home enclosures/vivariums. We do not travel more than approx. 1 hour 15 minutes from postcode IP2 and all animals are safely transported in our large van which has heating/ heat mats and air conditioning. We also tie down our animals with bungee cords and our specially adapted van allows us to watch the animals at all times during transport and are separated by a large shelf from our equipment underneath. You are able to view the enclosures our animals live in at home on our animals page. Any company you book should be happy to provide this publicly.
  • Fuel is an additional charge of 45p per mile from Ipswich

Frequently Asked Questions

We are based in Ipswich, Suffolk and will travel up to approximately 1h 15mins from our base depending on the package you have chosen.

Please email us with your enquiry via our bookings page to see if we cover your area

We bring a variety of exotic animals of your choice to your school or club. We arrive 15-30 minutes prior to the start time to set up. The children are asked to sit  around a grass floor mat which we bring and a few chairs around the outside is handy for children who want to look and not touch. Then the animal encounter begins!

We get each animal out one at a time, tell everyone a little bit about it and then give the children the opportunity to stroke, touch, feed or hold the animals.

The actual amount of interaction and the presentation of the animals will vary by the age, number and behaviour of the children but generally we provide an educational fun encounter with facts about each animal tailored to your topic or a general overview of the animals including: evolution, adaptations, endangered species, habitats, exotic animals as pets, caring for animals, human/animal interactions and much more!

The less children per group the more interaction is permitted. We recommend no more than 30 children per group to ensure all children get to see the animals up close and ask questions.

Yes, your animal choices will be requested when we send your last email 1 week prior to your event date.

In most cases we are able to bring your chosen animals however we will make changes if we feel any animals are not suitable for the age group, they are unable to attend due to circumstances beyond our control or due to weather conditions.

If you are focusing on a specific topic like Africa, dinosaurs or minibeasts we will bring a suitable selection to cover the roadshow.

Some of the animals have restrictions on space requirements for their welfare. Please see the animals page for more information, we will request a picture to verify this if you are having it in a classroom rather than a hall.

Please ensure the room/hall is heated (18-25 degrees) and is cleaned prior to the visit so there are no small objects, food or toxic plants on the floor.

We are not able to do animals outside due to the risk of escape, exposure to poisonous plants and as many of the mammals are nocturnal the sunlight can damage their eyes.

We dont have an age limit however children under 4 will not be allowed to hold any animals for safety reasons. Packages for Nursery and Preschool are available on the care homes page.

Immuno-compromised children and adults are not aloud to touch any animals.

The less children per group the more touching and stroking is permitted. We recommend no more than 30 children per group to ensure all children get to see the animals up close and ask questions.

Please send us an email via the Make a Booking page with your enquiry with the details we have specified.

We  recommend you book 2 months in advance for weekend bookings and 1 month in advance for weekday bookings. If you have passed the time limit please still contact us and we will try our best to find you a suitable time slot for your desired date.

We require a 50% deposit up to the value of £100 to secure your booking date and time within 7 days of receiving your confirmation email.

Please pay via Bacs (online direct bank transfer) to our account. If this is unavailable to you we will take a cheque or cash as a deposit payment. All details for payment via Bacs and cheque are provided on the bottom of your invoice.

Your outstanding balance is due when you receive your last email from us 1 week prior to your event. Payment can be taken in the same form as above however a cheque will not be accepted unless you are an organisation. If Bacs is unavailable you must pay in cash when we arrive at the event.


Recent Clients

We have visited various schools clubs, care homes, beaver and scout groups in the Eastern region. Below are some of the larger organisations who we have worked for.


  • Up to 15* or 30** people 

    Morning or Afternoon*** 

    Bronze School

    Choice of 1 Mammal/ 2 Reptiles/ 1 Invertebrate

    35 minutes – 4 animals £110

    x2 £160   x3 £205    x4 £255

    Silver School

    Choice of 2 Mammals/ 2 Reptiles/ 2 Invertebrates

    50 minutes – 6 animals £140

    x2 £210   x3 £275

    Gold School

    Choice of 3 mammals/ 3 Reptiles/ 2 Invertebrates

    65 minutes – 8 animals £170

    x 2 £260

    Full School Day****

    £400 per day – Choose from options below

    4 x Gold (8 animals) 65 mins

    4 x Silver (6 animals) 50 mins

    6 x Bronze (4 animals) 35 mins

    *Everyone can participate 

    **Children chosen to participate/ Everyone will interact with 1 or more animal/s

    ***Same animals for each session

    ****Maximum number of sessions per day. Please book multiple days for more sessions. Double the amount of animals are brought to alternate between groups for more than 5 sessions per day thus you will be asked to choose extra animals to accommodate this.

  • Hand gel provided